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When a house has water damage problems, the attic may not be the first place you are concerned about it but can be stressful to deal with. It’s known that most of the building materials will absorb any water and continue to do so until the water or moisture is removed.  If the water absorption will then ruin the building materials and as they continue to take in water, the water spreads and can affect new areas of your property, creating a bigger issue, even lead to mould growth. So, the intervention of a flood water damage restoration company is essential.

CPR24 Restoration has some tips for you about what Flood Water Damage Restoration in the attic of your house.

Try to Keep The Roof in The Right Condition

In most cases of water damage in an attic, the reason is caused by a roof leak. If you try to keep your roof in the right and stable conditions, easily you can prevent your roof from leaking. Another method to do prevent attic water damages is to hire a roofing contractor to perform regular inspections. But remember that you have to clear the roof from any debris as well.

Repair Any Roof Damage

If you hire a roofing contractor, they can identify whether your roof needs repairs and can fix such problems. If you opt not to get a roofing contractor, you can inspect the roof yourself. Look for shingles that are missing or damaged, and look for other components that might be cracked or damaged, such as the flashing.

The most common types of repairs you may have after water damage to an attic include:

1.  Replacement of structural components – This includes every part from floorboards to the house’s basic framework. Ensure to control each board carefully in your attic. Maybe a difficult process but it is very essential to prevent other huge damages.

2.  Replacement of plumbing components – You have to replace any pipes or any other plumbing component that has caused attic water damage.

3.   Replacement of electric components – Every electrical supply that can be damaged have to be replaced so check the attic supplies from lighting sockets to lighting itself if need to be replaced or not.

4.  Replacement of insulation – The insulation is the most important part of your attic. Even you have discovered water damage long after it took place, making new insulation means to repair all problems.

Ventilate and Insulate Your Attic

Adequate ventilation in your attic is important because of how it controls the temperature in your attic. Without proper ventilation, the condensation is trapped in the attic with nowhere to go and will cause damage. In addition, insulation is another thing to do. Your attic’s insulation needs to have some specific features. This because the insulation that’s thin and flat will result in high levels of moisture.

Flood Water Damage Restoration in the Attic 

Immediate Flood Water Damage Restoration action will prevent further water damage and potential mould growth in your attic. Go into your attic and check the wood and insulation for water spots, discoloration, and mould. Any of these can indicate water damage. The same goes if your attic smells musty. After that call a Flood Water Damage Restoration Company that can help you much more.

With help from Flood Water Damage Restoration professionals, not only will the damage itself be addressed but so will the source of the damage. Your attic will be cleaned, dried, and restored to its original condition. Any resulting odours and mould growth are also removed.

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