Flood and Fire Damage

Flood or Fire Damage? How To Reconstruct Home

When your home or business has been affected by a flood or fire damage, the mess that’s left behind presents a formidable cleanup task. Quite often, there are also damages that affect the structural integrity of the building, and sometimes those damages are hidden.
When you start the cleanup process, either you or the professionals you’re working with will notice the need for reconstruction restoration services.

The Biggest Signs of Flood or Fire Damage

The most difficult damages to handle are related to water damages. As moisture comes into direct contact with walls, ceilings, and floors, it affects drywall, wood, paint, carpets, and wiring. A little bit of moisture in a small area is repairable, but when the water damage is spread over a larger area, reconstruction is necessary. The materials in homes and businesses are affected in different ways:

  • Saturated carpets lead to mould growth and decontamination.
  • Swelling wood buckles and warps or begins to rot
  • Paint bubbles up and peels away from the surface beneath it
  • Wiring shorts out, leading to shock or fire potential

Mould growth is nearly always a problem after flooding and is often a concern after firefighters use water to put out fires. As mould and mildew spread, they also compromise the integrity of building structures.

Respond Quickly

All signs of flood or fire damage, are cause for concern whether the actual damage is apparent or not. For example, cupboards that pull away from the wall may be hiding mould growth and swollen wood in the wall behind. If you left them untreated, those damages could spread further throughout the building and increase the necessary reconstruction work. The risks related to structural damages, and especially unseen damages, are significant enough that reconstruction restoration services should be scheduled after any major flood or fire damage situation.

Take a Moment to Breathe After Flood or Fire Damage

Evacuating your home or business place because of flood or fire damage happens quickly. When danger threatens, an immediate response keeps you and your loved ones or associates safe. After the immediate threat has been resolved and when you have the go-ahead from emergency services, those first few moments of return can be very emotional. The cozy atmosphere of your home may be completely gone. The tidy appeal of an office space or fine-tuned organization of your business has also been disrupted. Where should you start? How can you get back to normal?

Call Flood or Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

Your very first step should be scheduling reconstruction restoration services. Don’t put this important step off for even a single day. You know well that it doesn’t take long for mould to begin growing. After that, use all available resources to dry out the building. Open the windows, crank up your heater or air conditioner, and install fans. Remember to be careful to avoid spreading moisture to unaffected areas of the building. If you’re not sure how to protect unaffected areas of the building, ask the reconstruction professionals for advice.

However bad the damage was, working with the professionals providing reconstruction Flood or Fire Damage restoration services is a great way to get your life back in order. Contact CPR24 Restoration today for more information about recovering from flood or fire damage. We provide reliable services in emergency situations.


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