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Fire Restoration -Why choose CPR24 Restoration?

No family or owner wants to deal with fire but there are some things to take into consideration if such a case occurs. Fire is one of the most harmful things that can overtake your property. When the firefighters arrive sometimes it’s too late and the damage is already done. After the firefighters leave you are left alone to deal with all the damage and a fire restoration process needs to begin.

Why call CPR24 Restoration first?

One of the worst things you can do is delay calling a restoration company. The key to preventing further damage and saving money is calling a restoration company as soon as possible. Although you may think the first one to call after a fire has been shut off is your insurance provider, you’re wrong. The first phone call you’d have to make is a restoration company. CPR24 Restoration will perform a detailed inspection and inform you how much damage is done and where. Our experts will also arrive on site within a fraction of time and take care of the restoration process.

What will happen?

The leftovers from fire (soot, ash, and smoke) will cause corrosion and discoloration of walls, doors, furniture, etc. Am immediate cleanup needs to be done to stop the corrosion before it becomes a big deal.

Fire Restoration is one of the hardest duties and you will need the help of the professionals over at CPR24 Restoration. We are experienced and have the right tools to do the job from the bare bones. CPR24 Restoration pledges to exceed your expectations and fully dedicate to get back your property at its normal state.
We will provide our customers with a restoration plan and keep in touch about the restoration progress at all times.

If fire strikes in places such as the kitchen or bathroom there may also be water damage from burst pipes. In such cases, CPR24 Restoration can prevent water damage to advance and save you money.

React quickly

Don’t get greedy and understand that by leaving your house standby with fire damage present, prices of restoration at later times will be much higher. It is recommended that you call a restoration company within 48 hours of the event. You can prevent further damage and save money if you get help from experts quickly enough.
Remind you that we offer our services 24/7 and our team of experts are ready to get involved without hesitation.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team at  +1 416-551-8287  or send us an e-mail to  [email protected]


CPR24 Restoration is a full-service mould remediation company. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for complete removal and prevention of mould. From identifying the cause of mould to fixing any design flaws or tubing associated with it to repairing or replacing the affected areas, and the prevention of further mould by removal and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any traces of new mould, we strive to be a leader in the mould solutions industry.

By following our team tips, you easily will remove mould in areas such as bathroom walls and floors, however, if you have a significant mould issue, please call CPR24 Restoration.