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    When there is a fire on your property, you need a quick reaction. When it comes to property restoration, the first 24-48 hours following a fire are critical. After the first responders have completed their duties, it is critical to employ the correct company to begin the procedure. CPR24 Restoration provides comprehensive fire restoration services in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and other major Canadian cities.

    Smoke damage persists in penetrating and attacking exposed surfaces that have an impact on the environment unless they are cleaned with appropriate organic cleaning solutions. The presence of unprotected bays precludes unauthorized entrance and further harm. 

    Once the site is stable and safe, a full repair of the degree of damage may be prepared for approval by all stakeholders, and restoration work can begin. Only experts in fire and smoke damage repair can remove leftover smoke and return the property to its previous condition.

    Leader In The Restoration Of Smoke And Fire Damage

    CPR24 Restoration, as an industry leader in fire damage restoration and smoke remediation, uses cutting-edge materials, equipment, and knowledge to clean and preserve household furnishings and valuables. Soot and smoke damage can be removed from brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, and porcelain, as well as upholstery textiles and carpets.

    Our licensed fire and smoke damage restoration professionals have received extensive training in fire damage mitigation, restoration, and corrosion control, and they are always up to speed on the best cleaning materials, technology, and processes to ensure better restoration services thanks to our continuing education program. We’ve been Restoring Peace of Mind® to households for many years by offering professional smoke and fire damage restoration. 

    Why Does Your Home Require Smoke Restoration?

    Smoke is propelled by heat during a fire and spreads throughout your home. When smoke and humidity combine, corrosive residues accumulate. Residual smoke may also burn, resulting in etching, pitting, or chemical burning on surfaces. The longer your home is left without smoke and fire damage restoration, the more damage it may sustain.

    In our fire and smoke damage restoration methods, we use cutting-edge technology, supplies, and procedures. Smoke and fire damage restoration is a multi-step process that includes the following stages:

    • Pre-cleaning in an emergency
    • Corrosion Mitigation
    • Cleaning of the content
    • Packing of content
    • Cleaning the walls and ceilings
    • Deodorization

    Inspection and Work Scope

    Because every scenario is unique, a trained Fire Damage Specialist is required to assess the damage and give the proper scope of work. You will be assigned a project manager who will oversee the project and ensure that all lines of communication are clear. CPR24 Restoration in Canada covers all types of damage, from private to insurance claims. We work with all major insurance companies across Canada, so we will deal with your adjuster directly.

    Return to Business ASAP After a Fire

    As a business owner, you understand that any disruption in operations has an impact on your bottom line. We have huge loss teams that work with our CPR24 specialists in your area. When faced with fire damage, these professionals understand your unique set of issues and can respond instantly to your call. Our goal is to assist you in getting your business back up and running as soon as possible following a fire.

    We Are Available When You Need Us

    CPR24 Restoration offers practical solutions to residential property losses to Canadians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We offer full, expert fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal services, as well as additional services such as water damage restoration, disaster restoration, mold removal, and more. If your life is ever disrupted by fire or smoke damage, call us at (416) 551-8287 for dependable smoke and fire damage restoration services.