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    Odour Control

    Any cleanup and restoration endeavor should aim to return your property to its pre-damaged state. This includes not just treading water, smoke, or fire damage, but also providing odor control and removal services. Even if your property is structurally solid, clean, and safe after cleanup, unpleasant odors can linger and be a source of irritation. 

    CPR24 Restoration recognizes this and includes odor removal services in its Toronto-area projects, allowing residents to rely on them to eliminate smoke odors and execute other air-cleaning services.

    Not all odors are hazardous, but many are unpleasant. We frequently deal with the removal of a broad variety of odors, including cigarette smoke, animal odors, and sewage back-ups.

    It should be noted that totally eradicating bad odors might be a challenging task. In fact, getting rid of some odors might be a huge task. Odours can enter every corner in space, and it’s sometimes more cost-effective to rebuild than to clean.

    Once on-site, our team will decide if it is better to properly cleanse the bad odor from your house or if a remodel is more appropriate. To begin, contact CPR24 Restoration DKI to explore your specific circumstance.

    Common Sources of Odors in the Home

    When recuperating after water, smoke, or fire damage, residual odors are typically caused by one of the following:

    • Mildew is a form of mold-related development.
    • The actual mold
    • Particles of smoke that have stuck to various surfaces
    • Odors of cigarettes and tobacco
    • Building elements that have been damaged or pieces of property that are emitting an odor despite being dried
    • Odors from pets or pee
    • Particles from a sewage backlog that are still present yet are not harmful

    Our Odour Control Methods

    CPR24 Restoration technicians are educated in a variety of odor control methods, allowing them to combat even the most obstinate odors.

    Fogging with Water

    This is a means of applying disinfection and deodorizing solutions in a regulated manner. Wet fogging can be used on all surfaces and furnishings and is used to target specific regions or products that emit odors.

    Thermal Fogging

    One of the problems with smoke is that it can travel to inaccessible or otherwise remote locations and leave a residue that our noses find irritating. Thermal fogging is a fog-like spray that mimics the appearance of smoke patterns. To achieve proper smoke odor removal, the deodorizing solution will follow the same course as the smoke and reach the same spots.

    Scrubbers for the Air

    An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that may be installed in any area of your house. The scrubber will suck in air, trap various particles, gases, or chemicals in the surroundings, and then release cleaner air.

    Activated Charcoal

    Activated charcoal absorbs a wide range of chemicals and gases and is analogous to an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator. It catches sewage odors but is typically utilized on fire remediation tasks where there is a lot of smoke and soot residue.

    Contact us to get started

    CPR24 Restoration serves all the Great Toronto Areas. We are ready to provide quick-response remediation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will employ the latest procedures, staff, and technology to get your house or office clean, safe, dry, and odor-free as quickly as possible.

    To discover more about odour control services in Toronto, call us at (416) 551-8287, to have one of our rapid response teams dispatched to your location.