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    Fires are one of the most common natural disasters in Canada. While some fires are completely destroyed, not all of them are. Fires can also be lesser in scale, resulting in partial structural damage. The contents of the residence can typically be salvaged in these situations. 

    Even yet, the contents of the home frequently suffer considerable smoke/soot damage. Always employ a professional restoration company, such as CPR24 Restoration, to clear smoke damage from house contents while dealing with home fire damage.

    Priority is given to safety

    The safety of everyone involved in a fire damage cleaning situation is paramount. Professionals will take precautions to ensure the safety of all workers and anybody entering a structure after a fire. Prior to the evaluation and restoration, it is critical that the structure is safe.

    Also, keep in mind that interior air contains floating smoke and soot particles after a fire. Incomplete combustion produces smoke/soot particles (PIC). These are carcinogens that can cause cancer. It is critical to wear a respirator, such as an N-95 or N-100 when cleaning up smoke/soot. 

    Soot exposure can also be avoided by wearing gloves and other protective clothes. Ventilation is essential for removing pollutants from the air.

    Evaluate Damaged Objects

    The next stage is to figure out which items should be cleaned and where they should be cleaned, as well as which items should be discarded. Cost and antique value are important considerations. Professionals assess the injured things as soon as possible, as soot can cause more damage in hours or days, depending on the material.

    Items that have not been physically harmed by the fire or by high heat should not be discarded in most situations. Fortunately, we know how to remove smoke damage from goods that can be saved.

    The majority of textiles, such as draperies and beds, will be transported to a laundry or dry-cleaning service for cleaning. Other objects that can be repaired, such as furniture, can be cleaned at home or taken to a repair shop.

    Food should be handled with prudence. Any things that have been opened should be discarded. Items that were kept away from the heat and were unopened in their original packing can be regarded as safe. If you’re not sure, toss the goods out.

    Remember that melted or discolored plastic goods can only be cleaned, not restored.

    Here are five important aspects that you will need to evaluate in your home:

    • The age of the structures on the property.
    • The total number of square feet of living space.
    • Your property’s location.
    • The size of your property.
    • Construction quality.

    Why Should You Go With Cpr24 Restoration for Fire Restoration?

    When the contents of a property are destroyed by smoke/soot, restoration professionals must mitigate the fire damage, clean, and restore the contents to their pre-loss condition. CPR24 Restoration specialists understand how to clean smoke damage from contents in an ethical and professional manner. Call us on (416) 551-8287, we’ll use cutting-edge equipment and strategies to limit your loss and restore your property.