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    Document Recovery Service Provided by CPR24 Restoration

    Important documents, books, and images are some of the most prized and irreplaceable things in the aftermath of a fire or flood. Buildings and furnishings can be repaired, but can paper documents or priceless images ever be replaced? CPR24 Restoration can help you save those sensitive and valuable documents thanks to years of paper recovery experience and expert development of patented paper document restoration technologies.

    What Kinds of Documents Are Recoverable?

    Our CPR24 Restoration specialists are also qualified and skilled in document recovery and paper document restoration, as one of GTA’s leaders in property restoration and disaster recovery. Our skilled staff can recover and restore practically every form of a document, thanks to developments in technology and equipment. This includes anything from traditional paper document restoration to restoring damaged images and recovering documents on other media. This covers (but is not limited to) the following items:

    • Restoration of books.
    • Restoration of files, magazines, and manuscripts.
    • Archival, special collections, and library materials.
    • Audio and videotapes.
    • Restoration of drawings, maps, plans, whiteprints, and blueprints.
    • Compact discs, diskettes, laserdiscs, and magnetic media can all be recovered.
    • Recovery of data files and important records.
    • Film, negatives, and slides are among the types of photos that can be restored.
    • Restoration of microfiche and microfilm.
    • Restoration of parchment.

    How Is Paper Document and Photo Restoration Carried Out?

    It is critical to restoring any damaged document or photograph as soon as possible in order to achieve the greatest potential recovery outcomes. To efficiently restore your documents, our professionals use a variety of scientific techniques along with industry-leading technology.

    Document Restoration after a Flood

    Our skilled staff at CPR24 Restoration is fully able to safely recover records before it’s too late, even if flood-damaged images and water-damaged papers appear to be beyond restoration. After the water extraction, CPR24 Restoration’s document restoration professionals employ desiccant drying, vacuum freeze dryers, thermal vacuum freeze dryers, and molecular sieves specifically intended to restore books, papers, and photographic and paper materials if they are exposed to standing water. Often, no further restoration is required after the drying process is completed.

    Document Restoration after a Fire and Smoke Damage

    CPR24 Restoration’s paper document recovery and restoration procedure include state-of-the-art cleaning technologies such as particulate removal sponges, ionized air washing, and a variety of deodorization processes if there has been fire damage or smoke damage.

    Restoration of Mold-Affected Documents

    If important papers are affected by mold, mildew, or bacteria, the document restoration process may entail using gamma or electron beam radiation to sterilize the items. It is possible to save individual pieces of paper or an entire library from further contamination and degradation.

    CPR24 Restoration is also one of the few document restoration companies that can remove asbestos and lead.

    CPR24 Restoration also provides the following document recovery services:

    • Straightening, realignment, pruning, and reprocessing—removal or repair of permanently damaged sections.
    • Re-framing and re-matting
    • Leather repair and rebinding
    • Re-jacketing refers to the process of replacing damaged folders or jackets on important documents.
    • Document imaging and copying—replacing lost or damaged documents
    • De-acidification

    It is critical to initiate document recovery and restoration methods as soon as possible after any damage caused by an emergency or disaster. Contact our 24-hour customer service at (416) 551-8287 in the event of an incident or emergency, and our team will assist you in no time.