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Fire Damage Restoration Services

When your home, office, school, or other property sustains damage from a fire or another disaster, we can help. We provide 24-hour emergency service and the fastest response in the industry. You can trust our experienced team to restore your property and give you peace of mind.

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    Fire Damage Restoration in Toronto

    Restore your property with CPR24 Restoration Services after an emergency fire has occurred

    Fire repair is critical after a fire has caused damage. Fires can have one of the most damaging effects on a building or home, as they can quickly sweep away walls and furniture, break down the housing structure, and typically occur as a deadly combination of heat, smoke, and water damage as a result of firefighting attempts.

    When your home is engulfed in flames, it may appear that your world has flipped upside down and that everything you care about is burning to ash, but it is critical that you remain cool and take the essential procedures to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

    CPR24 Restoration will send you a restoration surveyor who will advise you on what is needed and provide you with a cost estimate. If you choose CPR24 Restoration as your contractor, we will send out a fire restoration team to disinfect all of the affected locations. This ensures that all pollution is eliminated. Some objects, however, may be taken to our specialized decontamination unit for further restoration.

    Our experts will be able to assess the degree of the damage once the property has been decontaminated. Then we’ll give you a second estimate for the restoration work so that we can return your property to its former grandeur.

    Here are some of the services we offer regarding fire damage repair:

    Inspection and Work Scope

    Because each scenario is unique, a trained Fire Damage Specialist is required to assess the damage and determine the appropriate scope of work. You will be assigned a project manager who will oversee the project and ensure that all lines of communication are open and clear. All damages, from private to insurance claims, are handled by CPR24 Restoration Services. We work with all major insurance companies, so we’ll speak with your adjuster directly.

    How it is done

    The IICRC has certified our team in fire and smoke damage restoration. When picking a restoration company to rebuild your home after a fire, make sure they are thoroughly trained, qualified, and certified to do it safely.

    • It is necessary to confine the entire region.
    • Personal Protective Equipment is required for all technicians. When certain building materials catch fire, they might produce chemical reactions, therefore individuals involved must take precautions to avoid harm.
    • All materials that have been affected must be removed.
    • Everything must be cleaned and sanitized after the space has been stripped down.
    • Negative air and air scrubbers must be turned on to restore safe levels of air quality.
    • The property is now ready for reconstruction after everything has been removed and cleaned.

    Reconstruction after a fire

    After all of the fire and smoke damage has been cleaned and remedied. It’s time to get your house back into habitable shape. Our highly skilled construction crew and restoration technicians will meet with you and go over the areas that have been impacted. The fire damage restoration process will go down from cleaning and restoration to soot and smoke damage repairing.  We can restore it to its original condition or add a new flare.

    We take care of business at CPR24 Restoration Services. We put a strong emphasis on making you, the customer, our top priority.

    Don’t deal with fire damage alone. Choose a company with quick response and years of hands-on experience that can go through and take care of every detail. Call our 24/7 support team at +1 416-551-8287 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]