After damage, fire restoration is very important. Fires can have one of the most devastating effects on a building or home, as it can quickly wipe away walls and furniture, break down the home structure and often comes as a deadly combination of heat damage, smoke damage, and water damage due to the firefighting efforts.

As your house is engulfed by fire, it could seem like your world has turned upside-down, and that everything you loved is turning into ash, but it is very important that you keep your calm and take the necessary steps so that it goes as positively as possible.

CPR24 Restoration will appoint a restoration surveyor to advise you on what is required and provide you with an estimate for the work. If you were to instruct CPR24 Restoration as your chosen contractor we will first deploy a fire restoration team to decontaminate all the areas. In this way, we ensure that all contamination is removed. However, some items might be transported to our specialty decontamination unit for special restoration work. 

Once the property is decontaminated our team can be able to see the extent of the damage. And then supply a second estimate for the reinstatement works enabling us to restore your property to its original and glory form.

fire damage restoration and protection

Importance Of Fire Damage Restoration

– Primary Step

The first step in any fire is to get yourself and your family to a safe place, away from the burning building. After that, you should call the firefighters as they’re the only ones qualified to stop a fire and respond to such emergency appropriately. After the firefighters have finished their work, then you can proceed to think about the fire restoration and repair process.

As mentioned previously, the worst thing when dealing with fires is that you would be dealing with a combination of 3 damages caused by heat, smoke, and water.

The heat damage is the one you notice at first. Furniture, housing structure, roof, and other materials might be partially or fully burned and turned to ash. Then you notice the water has gotten its way through what’s rest, and in the end, the terrible smell of smoke all around the place can seem like it’s never going to get away.

In these times of fear and doubt, it’s advised that you choose a fire damage restoration company that can handle all the issues for you.

How it works that first of all an inspection and assessment of the damage is completed. It is important that we get to work with a clear plan of action in order to bring the best results possible.

– Second Step

The next step would be sealing the damaged area from the elements. It is already pretty ruined, but further exposure to the outside elements could make that damage irreversible and further damage what can be restored. For that, a roof tarp and a seal of other spaces are completed.

Then the water needs to be removed. We use industrial pumps and vacuum pumps to remove the water laying on surfaces, and after that, as specified by the assessment the cleaning process begins.

As the cleaning process is done, you need to start thinking and considering the options. Many objects and furniture will be cheaper to replace than to restore to their original state. You can also find the light at the end of the tunnel and consider to go for a renovation of your home. The smoke damage will take a while to remediate as the smoke particles tend to get inside the fibers and make it difficult to remove, but with specialized steam equipment, it is a very doable process.

In the end, use this as an opportunity to look back and install a fire suppression system. Sprinklers, smoke detectors, or just extinguishers can go a long way into stopping a fire at home before it gets dangerous.

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