fire damage cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup

A fire is one of the most damaging occurrences that can happen to any home or business. It can ruin anything you have built your house, business or life into in just a couple of minutes, due to some small mistake. So you need immediately a fire damage cleanup partner.

The most important thing when a fire happens is not to waste any time for the recovery. The first 24 hours are the most important when it comes to recovering the damage from the fire because even after the fire is out the damage continues from the remaining materials, smoke, and chemicals. The residue left by fire can keep breaking into anything that is left on the home so the fire damage cleanup needs to start right away.


A company you can rely on


What you need in any case or fire damage is to pick a company that you can rely on, a company that you can trust to be there as soon as possible to take most care for your dear property. You will need a company that will not waste your time but instead start the fire damage cleanup right away and gets your property back up in no time.

At CPR24Restoration we pride in being a leading fire damage cleanup company because we offer the most care for any client. We offer 24/7 unlimited support for any client, and as soon as an emergency is reported our team of technicians starts coming to the site and start working to minimize the damage and assist the recovery.


What does our fire damage cleanup service include?


Fire damage cleanup is comprised of several stages:

  • Evaluating the home structure

The structure and framing of home is the most important process because it serves as an evaluation of the home damage and the evaluation of the risk that the cleanup and restoration of the home entails. On any emergency, safety is the top priority of our company and that safety is primarily built on the proper evaluation of the structural damage.

  • Removal of damaged objects and components

The second stage of our fire damage cleanup service is the removal of the damaged objects. It both evaluates which objects can be restored or not, and it clears the way of cleanup for the rest of the home components.

  • Treatment of smoke and odor

Smoke and odor are a very crucial part of the cleanup process as it can they can bind themselves inside objects and surfaces and be too difficult to remove. Specialized cleaning equipment and chemicals are needed for the proper removal of smoke and odors.

At CPR24Restoration we take great care for the homes of each of our clients. We take pride in being one of the most responsive companies that give extreme priority and importance to every client we take care of.

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