Fire and Water Damage Contractors Toronto

Fire and Water Damage Contractors Toronto

In our day to day life, considering natural disasters or we can be careless sometimes and we may face fire and water damage. During this time it may seem devastating, but our contractors that are specialized in fire and water damage are here to help.

 Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

 The first thing to do after a fire and smoke damage is cleaning the air in your home or office by increasing ventilation. This needs to be done immediately because the smell of smoke can be even more dangerous than the fire itself. Usually, due to the high temperatures smoke can penetrate throughout your home and can combine with humidity and cause corrosive residues. If you hire CPR24 Restoration as your contractor, you do not have to worry anymore about fire and water damage.

Water Damage Restoration

As your contractor, we suggest taking actions in the first 48h of the water damage, because is crucial to preventing your home or office destruction. It takes professional equipments and a trained crew to save your building. Water damage can escalate pretty quickly if not treated right away. 

There are 3 types of waters that can flood your building:

  • Clean Water. This type might be clean at the releasing source and is drinkable but can be mixed with soils or other pollution that cause the growth of microorganisms which can degrade it to Gray Water.
  • Grey Water. The grey water usually contains a significant degree of pollution, chemical, or biological contaminants since the source. Gray water can be contaminated often from toilet bowls, water releases from appliances, showers, sinks etc.
  • Black Water. Black water is the most dangerous polluted water. This type can be flooded from a greatly unsanitary source. If not treated immediately it can cause many diseases as Hepatitis, Cholera and Typhoid.

Dealing with Water Damage after a Fire 

When a fire brakes it becomes a priority dealing with it and we kinda forgot all the other problems that come after. But by hiring fire and water contractors we make sure that every problem will be solved. Usually, fire can do serious damage in the water pipes which can cause flooding. Sometimes even the water that is used to extinguished fire can damage your property and belongings. Such an amount of water that is used can grow the potential for mould growth.

Water Damage after a Fire – What to Do

  • Seek Professional Help 

Before re-entering your house after the fire is extinguished, you need that is safe to start rebuilding and repairing it. It’s recommended that even after the Fire Inspector gave you permission to enter your building, you need a firefighter and a professional damage inspector to enter safely. CPR24 Restoration offers a professional team to assist you after a fire.

  • Document the damage

With the help of a professional, you should make a list of every kind of damage and every restoration that needs to be done. Take videos and pictures of every room of the property to provide proof that can later be used to prove to the insurance company all the damage that it is done to you.

  • Make sure to provide fresh air

As we said above, it’s important to clear the air by increasing ventilation. We need to make sure to open every window and doors as well as all the cabinets and drawers. Floor rugs and all the other furniture that can prevent the wall or floor from drying.

 Water Damage after a Fire – What Not to Do

After the fire is extinguished it may be overwhelming of how much work you have to do. However, it is important that you consider all the things that you shouldn’t do.

  • You should never use wet appliances.
  • Do not turn on water or gas utilities until you consult with a professionalist.
  • Do not start your vehicle if it is located in your garage.

Mould Remediation

If you do not deal with mould fast it may result in some serious problems for your house and risks for your health. You might experience headaches or allergic reactions. You must pay attention to water damage and high humidity areas. Mould damage usually comes from excessive water or water damage. You can consult CPR24 Restoration contractors for water, fire and mould damages for any question. 

Why Us? 

CPR24 Restoration is a full-service fire and water damage contractor. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for complete fire and water restoration. From identifying all the damage that is done and all the repairing or restoration process in the affected area, and the prevention of further mould by removal and resting to detect any traces of new mould, we strive to be a leader in the fire and water damage industry.

By following our team tips, you easily will get through every hard time in your life. If you have any emergencies, please call CPR24 Restoration.