Are you noticing black or yellow stains on your ceiling? Does your ceiling seem wet, especially when there’s a rainy day? A roof leak can happen to any roof, given that it hasn’t been maintained for a while. It can be a real headache to resolve, but here are some helpful tips on how you can deal with the situation.

The Issue with roof leaks is that they never happen at a convenient time. It takes a storm of rain, snow or hail to have you notice that your roof leaks and all you can do at the time are gather your pots around the leak or call a roof repairing company (which most probably will be unavailable at the time due to the excessive demand).

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The worst part of fixing a roof leak is being able to determine the source of the leak. If you’re very lucky, then the source is obvious and located just over the area where the stain appeared, but due to the ability of water to travel a long distance through the wooden truss that holds the roof together, the stain can appear much further than where the leak is actually located.

If you have access to the ceiling, you can try looking for the source of water by yourself, either during a storm or by having another person hose the area down until the water level reaches the leakage are.

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Most of the roof repair companies are forced to come to your home for a second or third time because they don’t find the correct source of the leak the previous time. It’s troublesome for you, and even more troublesome for them. You can try tracing the leak by yourself. If you have access to the ceiling, you can get up there along with a flashlight and try finding it. On the other hand, if you don’t have access to the ceiling, you will have to check it by going over the roof and manually inspecting for penetrations or interrupted shingles.

After finding the problematic area, you will have to repair it. Many people just go forward trying to stick it back together with caulk, but that’s one of the worst decisions you can make. Caulk doesn’t last well when subjected to the elements, and will only hold you partially for a few months. You should also keep a close eye on the affected area. The wooden stand where the shingles can rot when in contact with water, the insulation can get moldy and the ceiling can get damaged.

Working with roof leaks is a real headache: There are a lot of factors that you will need to take into consideration and finding the leak is just something that you can’t round up to an exact science. It takes trial and error, and even some roof repairing companies might take a second or third try to find the right leak.

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That is why we suggest that you choose a specialized roof repair company like CPR24Restoration. We use state of the art devices like infrared moisture scanners and moisture meters to check where the water came from, and only use quality materials that are assured to last you for a very long time.

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