dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is one of the best methods for cleaning objects and devices throughout your home or business. It is a similar process to sandblasting or glass blasting, and it serves to clean hard surfaces from dirt, particles, and stains.

It is an electrically safe and non-conducting method of cleaning the surfaces. It’s not toxic and causes no abrasion or damage on the surface of the product that gets cleaned.


How does it work?


Dry Ice Blasting is one of the safest methods for cleaning surfaces and objects quickly and efficiently. How it works is that small dry ice particles are passed through a tube along with compressed air and directed towards the surface that will be cleaned. The small dry ice particles evaporate to carbon dioxide on impact, detaching the particles by cooling the temperature down leaving no residue for further cleaning and blasting away any particles that were present on the surface.

Also, it is perfect for various different applications due to its safe and quick cleaning, as it is perfect for tight spaces, surfaces that are hard to reach and tools that need to be cleaned and immediately put back to work.


Dry Ice Blasting vs Traditional Cleaning


Traditional cleaning utilizes the use of a cleaning agent that can often be abrasive, which is used to detach residue from the surfaces and hold it in itself. Then scraped off and cleaned using a cloth or brush. With this method, you take the extra time of inserting or applying the cleaning agent, letting it detach the particles and then removing the cleaning agent along with the particles.

The best thing about dry ice blasting is that you need no preparation in order to clean a surface or object, and you just blast away the particles without leaving any residue, making the surfaces look brand new. In this way, instead of having three processes of cleaning compared to traditional methods, you would have only one process: Blast and away.

Depending on the type of dirt or particles, you can change the pressure at which the dry ice is released and you can change the size of the dry ice particles that will be pushed to the surface.

It is perfect when working with electronics and electric circuits because you will not need to apply any masking to cover the electrical wires. As the dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive method of cleaning and it does not conduct any electricity while evaporating immediately, it can make your work a ton easier.

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