document recovery service

Document Recovery Service

Document Recovery Service

All of us have our precious documents: either monetary, bureaucratically, or sentimentally which we store with great care and the last thing in the world for us would be to see them getting ruined. But emergencies do happen, and when they happen they don’t warn of the risk they entail. We take care of your document recovery.

Damaged documents are not the end of the world

As there is always a risk for bad things to happen, there are also companies that are ready to mitigate the damage for you. Documents that are damaged by water or fire can be restored to a better condition if treated carefully and professionally by a document restoration company, and generally, most of them can be restored to a working condition or at least have the information extracted from.

A company you can trust for your document recovery service

At CPR24 Restoration, we take great care so that each of our clients can be happy with the results. If a document can be restored, you can be sure that with us you stand the highest chances of having it restored. Our high-quality restoration system is best to save and restore your documents, and can also efficiently deal with damage from fire, water, and other polluting agents or chemicals. If the information can be recovered from the documents, you can be sure that we will recover it.

We have a technical approach for every contract and can make sure to restore your precious

  • Documents
  • Books and magazines
  • Various Media Mediums
  • Notes and scripts
  • Photographs and slides
  • Digital computerized data (Hard drives, CDs, USB)

How the restoration process works

Restoring a physical document goes through several stages, all different depending on the type and scale of damage. All of the documents are scanned, photographed, and cataloged for better understanding. As needed, they are put through temperature treatment, moisture treatment, chemical treatment, cleaning of dirt, particles, and chemicals, and also many more options.

With any service from us, you are guaranteed absolute and strict standards of security and confidentiality. We take full responsibility for the information that is contained in each of the documents. Our employees also are trained and experienced at working with precious documents and sensitive information, have completed a thorough background check, and are held accountable for any error or mistake.

Pick a company that can make sure your documents are given maximum care. Contact our 24/7 support service at +1 416-551-8287 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]


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