Owners of a commercial or industrial property must understand how important it’s to maximize the productivity of your workers and minimize downtime caused by maintenance and repairs. Both of these things will be greatly affected by the cleanliness of your property. Keeping your industrial property clean and sanitized is a crucial step in keeping your business as profitable as possible. 

CPR24 Restoration’s team can provide you with high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning and sanitizing services that you can always depend on. Our team knows best how important is the cleaning and sanitizing your industrial property, so we always take our work very seriously and professionally and we will guarantee our client’s complete satisfaction.

With our plant-based antimicrobial treatments and cleaning solutions our main purpose is to make areas that have too much dust, pollen and even affected by viruses cleaner and safer. CPR24 Restoration will be happy to help you get back to your safe and healthy environment in Etobicoke.

Our Goal

Our company’s goal is what makes us different from our competitors. CPR24 Restoration is more than ready to fulfill customer’s needs with excellence. Along with:

  • Highly specialized and experienced crew
  • Professional equipment
  • Insurance Claim Specialists
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide all of our clients with the highest level of professionalism of work by offering highly trained and skilled tradesmen to carry out work in a professional manner. Feel comfortable and confident in the knowledge that your property is being processed by real professionals. 


Scheduling with CPR24 Restoration is easy. Just one simple phone call in our 24/7 service hires a seasoned professional who will care for your property as you deserve. You can schedule today by clicking Contact Us. If an estimate is needed from us, in most cases we can provide a general price estimate over the phone.