dealing with emergency water damage

Dealing With Emergency Water Damage

One of the most serious emergencies that can happen to your home is a water damage emergency. Uncontrolled water damage has the potential to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your building. If you want to deal with a water damage emergency you must know what to do when it happens and reacting fast to stop incoming water, protect possessions, people and pets. After saving the most valuable things you can begin the nasty task of cleaning up the mess.

Water damage problems are a nightmare for homeowners, especially when those problems lead to significant flooding. Dealing with flood or water damage is more time-consuming than expensive because most of the time the damage is covered by homeowners’ insurance. Depending on the amount of damage, average restoration can cost between $1,400 – $7,600.

Water damage emergency steps:

Step 1: Stop the source of water ingress

Burst hot water tank or pressurized water liner is the biggest cause of water damage emergencies. Knowing where your shutoff is located might be critical for immediately stopping the water flow and getting the situation under control.

Step 2: Think safety

Unplug all devices or shut off all electrical sources in the damaged area. A flooded home could easily deliver a serious shock because water is an excellent electrical conductor.

Step 3: Protect your possessions

Remove all furniture, boxes or your valuables from the flood water to avoid further damages. Move your highest risk valuables to a safer place where you can start drying in warm, moving air.

Step 4: Contact your insurance company

The next step is to contact your insurance company and find out how they will proceed with water removal and flood restoration. Insurance companies have professionals that are specialized in water damage restoration and they can call on for emergencies and pay them as part of your coverage.

Step 5: Work with the professionals

Work with a water damage restoration professional to remove floodwater and then to proceed with the dying process. CPR24 Restoration professional team have the proper industrial equipment like pumps, air movers and dehumidifiers to extract flood water and related humidity.

Keep in mind that uncontrolled water can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your structure and contents if not professionally dealt with.


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