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    Commercial Mold Remediation

    People who are exposed to mold within a commercial building face a major health and safety risk. Mould grows quickly in wet environments and can cause unneeded downtime for businesses. If you feel your business has mold you should contact CPR24 Restoration.  Commercial mold services, including mold inspections and mold removal, are our specialty at CPR24 Restoration.

    Commercial Mold Inspection

    When dealing with mold contamination, the experts at CPR24 Restoration will walk you through the process of understanding how we identify, treat, and remove the mold from your commercial property. During the inspection, we evaluate the affected areas, discover the cause of the growth, identify any additional potential mold-infested areas, develop a remediation strategy, and present a quote. Detecting the presence of mold is important for reducing the spread of the mold and, as a result, lowering the expense of mold remediation.

    Commercial Mold Removal

    Our top priority is to remove toxic mold (also known as black mold) from your business and restore it while keeping you and your family safe. We put our plan of action into action after we’ve created a full report. To minimize cross-contamination, our IICRC-certified specialists begin restoration by setting a containment zone around the affected areas. This is an essential step in the mold removal process, as it prevents mould spores from dispersing and spreading to other unaffected areas. To capture extremely small particles, we use HEPA vacuums.

    We sanitize, disinfect, clean, and scrub any affected areas after utilizing the HEPA vacuum.

    We make sure the mold is fully gone – both airborne and visible – and make any necessary repairs. We conduct clearance testing after mold treatment to ensure that all mold has been removed. 

    We use a step-by-step mold removal procedure that conforms to health and safety regulations as well as industry standards. Throughout the mold treatment process, our specialists wear personal protective equipment. We use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to detect moisture in hard-to-reach places, effectively remediate the mold, and eliminate any health risks.

    Common Areas to Find Mold

    Mold can form after 24-48 hours from a moisture issue or water damage. As a result, once water damage has occurred, a quick response is essential. If mold is not successfully remedied, it will continue to spread. Taking fast action can stop the mold from spreading and causing more damage. Mold can damage your building’s structure and grow in a variety of places on your commercial property, including:

    • foundation 
    • basement
    • drywall 
    • gutters
    • roofs 
    • insulation
    • furnishings 
    • ceiling tiles
    • wood

    Commercial Mold Testing;

    Mold may not always be apparent, thus an air quality test may be necessary to detect its presence. We work with a third-party air quality testing business that provides expert mold testing services. Samples are taken from your business and evaluated at a certified laboratory during an air quality test. Following the examination, a report is generated that specifies whether or not mold is present, as well as the type of mold and its levels. This report can be utilized in legal and real estate transactions.

    Choosing The Right Restoration Company

    To effectively restore your business to pre-disaster standards, you must choose the right restoration company. We realize the benefits of time and are committed to quickly restoring the impacted areas so that you can resume your normal business operations. Each case at CPR24 Restoration is assigned to a project manager. Our project managers and customer care representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have. Our mold experts are certified and highly trained professionals with at least 5 years of experience in the field.

    With offices in Toronto, North York, and Richmond Hill, we have thousands of commercial mold inspections and commercial mold remediation jobs. When working with our valued clients, we deliver the highest quality of service and absolute transparency and honesty. CPR24 Restoration is a licensed, reputable, and trustworthy company with thousands of satisfied home and business owners. Call us now at (416) 551-8287.