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Cleaning up after a fire, water, and storm damage can be overwhelming. Our professionals are here to help you get back to normal. We offer water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold removal and remediation, and more.

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    CPR24 Restoration Services is ready to clean up for you

    Life is unpredictable. Children spill drinks, pets have mishaps, and homes become filthy. CPR24 Restoration Services can clean your home more thoroughly than other house cleaning services. Residential cleaning services provided by CPR24 Restoration will not only relieve you of the strain of constant house maintenance, but will also provide you and your family with a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment.

    Our professional residential cleaning services can make a dirty carpet “Like it never even happened.” You might think our restoration company offers services only regarding water damage or fire damage restoration. We also offer cleanup services, mold remediation, asbestos removal, disinfection, and much more. Restoration and cleanup services are our cups of tea. 

    The list of cleanup services we offer:

    • Stain Removal
    • Carpet Stain Removal & Cleaning 
    • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    • Air Duct Cleaning & Air Purification
    • Disinfection Services
    • Asbestos Inspection/Testing & Removal
    • Fire Damage & Soot Clean-up
    • Dry Ice Blasting
    • Sewage Clean-up
    • Commercial Cleanup Services

    Our main goal is to provide cleaning solutions and processes that are specifically adapted to the needs, demands, and severity levels of our customers. By working closely with you to ensure that the finest solutions are provided while adhering to local regulations.

    Stain removal & Carpet cleaning

    Whether it’s your carpet, rugs, furniture, upholstery, or drapes, our Stain Removal service can help you restore them to their original condition. We can work with anything that is made of fabric.

    Almost no spills will be able to leave their imprint on your property thanks to our professional stain removal service. On a regular basis, we deal with a diverse range of stains, including food, blood, juice, soda, pet accidents, dirt, and mud, nail polish, sweets, ink, toner, coffee, wine, grass, gum, grease, rust stains, paint, marker, lipstick, and so on.

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Our floor tiles play a vital role in both our homes and the environment. They are the only thing that keeps whatever falls to the floor in place, and they are continually in contact with various particles, fluids, and dirt. Being in contact with all of these materials over time might cause them to lose their luster and shine.

    While mopping and scrubbing will remove the majority of the particles and restore some shine to the old surfaces, some of those particles will be more difficult, if not impossible, to remove using typical cleaning methods. The grout between the tiles can be the most difficult to clean because it is where filth collects if not properly cleaned. So you need a partner to help with tile and grout cleaning. 

    To ensure that the floor is as clean as possible and that the grout returns to its natural color, we employ specialized equipment. If the original grout is damaged or discolored, we can restore and replace it.

    Take good care of your residence. Make sure your floors are clean and walk around your house with confidence.

    Air Duct Cleaning & Air Purification

    When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned by a professional? Every year, your home gathers an average of 40 pounds of debris, dust, and allergies. And these toxins circulate throughout your home every time you turn on the heat or air conditioning. That is why professional air duct cleaning and air purification services are essential.

    CPR24 Restoration cleans air ducts and vents with a strong HEPA filtered vacuum. This vacuum removes all traces of filth and dust from your home while also purifying the air. The use of an air purifier is a tempting promise to improve your air quality. It is a device that is used to purify the air. 

    Get rid of all impurities, such as smoke, dust, pet dander, and even odors.

    Disinfection Services

    CPR24 Restoration has taken this responsibility seriously, providing the best disinfection services Toronto has to offer to anyone who wishes to maintain their building safe to enter. Our main goal with our plant-based antimicrobial treatments and cleaning solutions is to make spaces with excessive dust, pollen, and even viruses cleaner and safer.

    Buildings such as schools should be disinfected and cleaned before being re-used due to the virus’s capacity to survive in the environment for several days.

    Asbestos Inspection/Testing & Removal

    You’ve probably heard a lot about asbestos, but why is it so important to get it out of your home if it’s already there? Asbestos is made up of six naturally occurring minerals. Small fibers, which are typically made up of smaller microscopic fibrils, can be released into the air increases the risk of a variety of serious health problems if they penetrate someone’s body. Lung diseases such as cancer and asbestosis can be caused by the risk of exposure and inhaling these fibers.

    This material was once utilized for construction because it was a good insulator and could withstand fire and electricity. Despite the fact that it was a health hazard, individuals continued to use it in construction, which became a severe problem until it was finally banned to use asbestos and made it illegal in many nations.

    Any potentially dangerous asbestos-containing product will be inspected by a competent professional. Individuals who do not have the necessary safety equipment should avoid handling hazardous chemicals. The inspector will next evaluate whether the materials just need to be encapsulated or completely removed. Then our professional team will continue with the removal process. 

    Fire Damage & Soot Clean-up

    The first thing you should do is investigate every area of the building, as well as anything else that has been harmed or touched by the fire. The best course of action is to hire professionals to address the situation. They will ensure that everything has been thoroughly evaluated before presenting you with a cleaning and restoration plan.

    After all of the inspections have been completed, they can begin a full cleaning and restoration process to restore your property to its prior condition. If not handled carefully and professionally, soot and smoke can cause a slew of problems. The staff will make sure nothing is left there from the fire that can bring up the foul smoke odors or black stains again. 

    Dry Ice Blasting

    Dry ice blasting is one of the most effective ways to clean things and electronics in your home or office. It’s similar to sandblasting or glass blasting, and it’s used to remove dirt, debris, and stains from hard surfaces.

    It is a non-conducting, electrically safe means of cleaning surfaces. It is non-toxic and does not create abrasion or damage to the surface of the product being cleaned.

    Sewage Cleanup Services

    Water damage is classified into several categories. The most serious problem is sewage backup. Sewage backup can pose a serious health risk. The longer the contamination process goes on, the more germs can sprout and thrive, potentially causing serious sickness.

    Furthermore, sewage back-flow can cause significant damage to your house and its structure by introducing hazardous organisms into it. Sewage backups necessitate urgent action to minimize cleanup costs and health risks.

    CPR24 Restoration Services has a very wide range of services that can be required in both residential and commercial spaces. We are very determined to bring only the best of our professional and skilled team and deliver only quality work. 

    Feel free to contact us at +1 416-551-8287 or send us an e-mail to [email protected] in case of an emergency or whatever service you might require from us.