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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpets do a tough job every day. They have to hold all the weight and furniture while getting on the dirt that comes through our doors. Every carpet is built differently. They vary in color, texture, length, and material, and all of these are the factors that determine the quality, longevity of the carpet and maintenance level on how long it can last without thorough cleaning. A material with longer, denser fibers will trap debris and stains much easier than a flatter surface and so on.

But doesn’t vacuuming do the necessary carpet cleaning?

Vacuuming is the best way for you to do general maintenance for your carpet: It helps remove any debris and dust that can get through the fibers, but there are also stains and damage that happen over time that vacuuming cannot fix.  That is why it is advisable for every carpet to be cleaned professionally every once in a while.

How often should I clean my carpet?

How often you should professionally clean your carpet will again depend on the material and texture of the carpet, and on how much it is used throughout the day. More traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms will need to be cleaned more often than other areas with much less foot traffic.

I just got a stain that I cannot remove. What do I do?

Some stains are harder to remove than others are.  Stains like wine, grass, ink, dirt, nail polish, etc. can be very difficult to remove. When stains like these happen it’s important that you act as soon as possible and clean the area. After attempting to clean the stain, make sure to call a cleaning company. The longer a stain remains on the carpet, the more you increase the chances of it remaining there.

How does professional cleaning work?

Professional cleaning helps remove the stains that regular cleaning cannot. There are various carpet cleaning methods that adapt to various types of carpets.   Some of the methods we use to remove even the most stubborn stains are:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing

For any of our cleaning methods we use low-moisture techniques so that drying can be much quicker than other conventional methods, and it helps reduce bacteria and mold.

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