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As the winter approaches, temperatures throughout Toronto fall below the freezing point, causing water to freeze all over the city. The part of our home most affected by the dropping temperatures is the water pipes. As the water inside them expands, it causes tremendous pressure to the pipes and causes them to burst.

Metal pipes are more affected by this occurrence, as they are much less elastic than the plastic pipes or PVC, but it happens to both types. What can you do when you have burst pipes?

burst pipes

First, you need to stop the water from flowing in and causing further water damage. Go and close the main water valve in order to keep working peacefully on the broken pipes. After closing the valve, also open faucets throughout the home so that the water pressure that has built inside the tubes can be relieved, and with the purpose to drain part of the water so that you can start replacing the broken segment of the pipes.

It is important that you remove the water that flowed from the pipes as soon as possible before it could have caused damage to your floor, walls or furniture. Start mopping all the water out, and then use dryers or vacuums to remove the remaining water.

After that, you will need to repair the broken pipe. You will have to cut out the broken section and will need to have a pipe one size larger that can cover both ends of the cut pipe. You should clean and flux all ends of the pipes then join them. If you have plastic pipes, then you will need to use specialized glue for sticking tubes together, while if you have metal pipes, you will need to solder them together.

It is important that you take extra care with joining the tubes together and with taking care of the damage that the water has done to the home. Sometimes the damage isn’t apparent and you will only be able to see the effects after it’s too late and parts of the wall or flooring need to be replaced.

If you would prefer to choose a professional company to deal with your broken pipes issue, here ate CPR24Restoration we have many years of experience working with homes throughout Toronto.

What is involved:

  • We determine the class of water damage and what areas are affected. We can check for moisture in timber, concrete, walls, and carpet. We take photos before starting the job in which you may need for your insurance company (We will also provide a full report).
  • The water extraction process removes most of the water from your property. We use a range of equipment to remove the water from your carpet and underlay. If necessary, carpet and/or underlay may be removed for proper drying of the sub-floor.
  • We will determine the best and most cost-effective way to dry your premises and we do this in the fastest way possible. Any furniture, carpet, or flooring — even the structure itself- will be dried and restored right away to minimize further damage.
  • Odor in carpets and underlay is generally the result of bacteria. Appropriate treatments can be applied that break down the bacteria eliminating the odor and improving general health and atmosphere in your home or workplace. All carpeted areas will be professionally steam cleaned.

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