What is asbestos you may think? Is it that dangerous? Why is it necessary to remove it if it’s found around my house? How should I do the removal? We are going to break down every question that might pop in your mind and we are going to tell you how the removal process goes step by step and the dos and don’ts you should know as a homeowner dealing with asbestos. 

What is asbestos

Asbestos is a material that comes as a product of six naturally occurring minerals. Small fibers that are often composed of thinner microscopic fibrils can be released into the atmosphere and become airborne and cause so many severe health issues if they enter someone’s organism. Inhaling these fibers can cause lung cancer and asbestosis.

In the past, this material was used for building purposes because it was a strong insulator and fire and electricity resistant. Despite the fact that it was a health hazard, asbestos kept being used by people to build and this became a serious problem until they finally banned it and made using it illegal in many countries. After studies and research on people that were highly exposed to asbestos fibers throughout their lives, it is sure that the risk of lung cancer, fibrosis, asbestosis, and mesothelioma leads to a major increase. If you smoke, this risk is even higher.

The Asbestos Do’s And Don’ts Every Toronto Homeowner Should Know

DON’T try to remove it by yourself without the right equipment and safety goggles, gloves, and costume. If the asbestos material is not damaged and is in good condition, please do not disturb it to avoid further problems. If it really needs to be removed then the best you can do is hire professionals to handle its removal safely.

Being a health hazard, if damaged this material should quickly be removed or repaired. Exposure to this material will cause severe issues with your health so don’t neglect it.

How is asbestos repaired? One of the wais is encapsulating the material using sealants to bind asbestos fibers together so they don’t travel by air. The other way is to cover the material that contains asbestos to prevent them from spreading.

How is asbestos removed? If it is really required and is the last option then you should consider removing the material instead of repairing it. The process of removal contains a big risk of fiber release. The only way to achieve non-toxic and dangerous results is by hiring specialists that will take care of and finish the job with responsibility. 

DO hire professionals. If you hire a professional asbestos removal company, make sure they will inspect the area making a complete visual examination and a careful collection of samples so the lab will give an accurate diagnosis of the problem. If it is present then the inspector should provide you with a plan for the best solution.


After the inspection, the professionals will decide if it needs encapsulation or total removal. If the removal is going to occur, any kind of ventilation around the house should be turned off to prevent the microfibers from circulating. Prep the area with plastic sheets and after the removal, space should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed and the asbestos remains should be sealed shut and sent to a safe landfill to be disposed of. 

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