Sewage Cleanup

Best Sewage Cleanup in GTA

Sewage spills caused by toilet overflows, or more generally, sewer backups are very dangerous for a family. in these cases, acting quickly is the most important thing. You have to protect your family and your home or business. Sewer backup is the most common and problematic cause of flooding in Toronto. Here are some ways what to do in cases of sewage cleanup.


It’s a necessity to evacuate everyone with a weakened immune system, young children and the elderly as the exposed area should be considered hazardous.

Get professional help for sewage cleanup

CPR24 Restoration makes a lot more than deal with a nasty mess. We clean carpet, upholstery, decontaminate the affected areas and perform water damage restoration. If a sewage backup saturates the carpet and/or soaks into drywall, these materials will need to be replaced. Our professional crew works effectively and efficiently. They restore your home or business back to normal, preventing further contamination and letting you get back to business and enjoying life.

Remove salvageable items

CPR24 Restoration will work with you to determine what items are salvageable and what are not. Non-salvageable items will be removed and disposed of properly. But you have to know that if salvaged quickly, contents and personal items can be saved. So don’t lose time to call your sewage cleanup partner as soon as you can.

Prevent cross-contamination

CPR24 Restoration takes preventative measures to assure that sewage contaminated waste is not tracked into non exposed areas. we recommend you to keep doors closed and barriers sealed off between the contaminated area and other rooms. Also, avoid visiting the affected areas as these areas should only be occupied by professionals wearing proper safety garments.

Take preventative measures

You have to avoid pouring oil, coffee grounds or grease down the kitchen sink. If possible, install a sump pump to remove groundwater from your home and prevent it from flooding your basement.

 Sewage cleanup partner

If you have sewage damage and require fast cleanup call CPR24 Restoration at +1 416-551-8287. We are always ready to help you.