Average cost of water damage restoration


The average cost of water damage restoration 

When we refer to water damage costs before we should have some basic information regarding factors that affect the change in these costs. People usually try to expand a little amount of money, but without excluding good quality. You can find below some daily cases which define the price you should pay for remediation.

What affects water damage repair costs? 

If we have a look into water damage repair factors, we find out that they all depend on a total investigation of the house. What we all should try to do in the beginning is to make some things clear as long as we want to pay for a good price against good quality. Let’s do a quick list of main components that determine the price 

  • Area. The larger a damaged area is, the bigger gets the amount of money we should pay. Investigators have to evaluate the damaged objects, materials, and for an extended area, there should be a lot of stuff of this kind. 
  •  Location. Besides the area, the location is important too. It makes a big difference between living in Los Angeles and living in Florida. If you live in Los Angeles, you are forced to pay more than in Florida. 
  •  Category of water. The three categories of water damage are clean waters, gray waters, and black waters. When you get affected by clean waters, obviously you pay less. If the maximum of clean water damage repair reaches $4000, the black waters repair damages reach the maximum amount of $8000. It is obvious to pay more for the third category as long as they are made of dangerous materials, pesticides, and chemicals, therefore their effect is faster and not easily repairable.
  •  Is the water still present?. At the moment you try to remediate the water damage space as fast as possible, more chances you have to save some uncovered areas from a total disaster. By using water pumps, moisture-absorbent materials, or even dehumidification equipment you gain time and also save some extra money. When you finally have dried the affected area, your house is ready to return to the previous state. 
  •  Presence of other factors. Water affects the area by leaving other damage consequences such as mould, asbestos, etc. If these types of damages seem to be serious enough, the costs get higher. 

Average costs 

After exploring the diversity of factors that affect especially the scale of cost, let’s have a quick check at the prices that can be changeable depending on the variety of damages. 

One of the remediations is absolutely the removal of ceiling, walls, or flooring material and lines. Usually, this has a price of $0.25 square per foot, followed by the replacement of ceiling walls $1.03 square per foot. Another cost repair includes painting repair (latex, anti micro bacterial paint, which reaches $0.22 square per foot. The replacement of floor and fixtures (reinstalling sinks, cabinets, vinyl tile flooring) gives a price of $2.76 square per foot. Fees are an important part of the process where the feedback should give us the best service. Fees and material cost evaluate the service by $11.03 square per foot. In addition, there are also other services which offer their help counting per hour. For example, we can mention here labour costs like removal or cleaning as well as painting or flooring. However, the price changes, because if we refer to removal and cleaning they own a price of $28 per hour while painting and flooring a price of $32 per hour. 

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