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Removing Asbestos From Floor Register Vent

CPR24 Restoration Removing Asbestos From Floor Register Vent

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    It’s critical to keep an eye on the status of any asbestos in your home or property. Any fibers that are loose or damaged can be harmful to your health. Asbestos fibers that aren’t disturbed provide no immediate threat to your health unless it starts to decline. If any asbestos fibers are broken or free, quick action must be taken. 

    Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can destroy your health and respiratory system. It is possible for loose or broken fibers to move throughout your home if they are near vent registers. 

    Asbestos removal should only be done by an expert. Asbestos fibers are extremely toxic, and long-term exposure has been linked to lung cancer. To ensure safe removal, processes and steps are controlled, and only specialists who have been adequately trained should remove asbestos. Negative air, seal off and encapsulating sealants (lock-down) would be required to adequately remove asbestos, as well as multiple chambers to prevent cross-contamination and raised asbestos fibers.

    Asbestos in vent registers is also known by the following names:

    • The floor vents asbestos.
    • wall vents asbestos.
    • Heat vents asbestos.
    • Asbestos contamination in the duct vents.
    • asbestos in the vicinity of ductwork.
    • asbestos in the vicinity of heat pipes.

    CPR24 Restoration is a fully skilled company that will take care of any asbestos problems you might face in your old home. One of our specialties is asbestos abatement and removal.  We also provide services in other areas such as water damage, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, etc. 

    Please call us in case you have an emergency or any questions at (416) 551-8287.