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    What is Lead?

    Before the 1990s, lead was a naturally occurring metal that was used as a building material in homes and buildings. Lead was used for a variety of purposes before it was discovered that metal is toxic to humans. When lead-containing objects (such as lead paint) are disturbed, they become airborne and, if inhaled, can be extremely bad for health. Lead poisoning can occur if it is breathed and spreads throughout the body and bones. Symptoms of lead exposure include:

    • visual and hearing impairment
    • nausea
    • nervous system damage
    • liver and kidney damage
    • delays in development
    • reproductive issues
    • death

    A lead test may be required before renovating or removing any walls to prevent contamination throughout your house or company. It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a safe level of lead.

    Lead Test

    A lead test is required to determine whether a lead is present in your home or structure. A licensed professional expert must perform a lead tester on the walls, which will produce accurate results from approved lead laboratories. At CPR24 Restoration, our restoration experts will perform a lead test in the affected area by collecting a sample of the material and sending it to an accredited laboratory. Within 48 hours, you will receive your results and a complete report confirming whether or not lead is present, as well as the recommended steps to take.

    We will begin lead abatement after the presence of lead has been established. To keep the lead from spreading, a containment system is built up. After the containment is set up, CPR24 Restoration specialists will remove the lead from your home or business. When dealing with lead, it is important to contact a professional restoration company; otherwise, you risk contaminating the rest of your home or business. A lead test kit will not produce accurate findings and should not be used to determine whether or not there is lead present.

    CPR24 Restoration is always prepared when it comes to asbestos removal. Call our 24/7 customer service at (416) 551-8287 and our team will be there in no time.