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    Asbestos Testing Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, GTA

    CPR24 Restoration specializes in asbestos testing and asbestos abatement in Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill. CPR24 Restoration is an insured, licensed, and accredited company with highly trained professionals dedicated to removing asbestos from your home or business. All of our asbestos services are offered at a reasonable price.

    Professional Asbestos Testing Services Across Canada

    Flooring, register vents, insulation, plaster wall ceilings, ceiling and floor tiles, furnaces, basements, duct wrap, and other areas of your house or workplace can all contain asbestos. Prior to the 1990s, asbestos was a widely utilized building material before the risks of asbestos were revealed. Asbestos is dangerous once it is disturbed. Any asbestos-containing material that is damaged or cut through has a risk of asbestos fibers becoming airborne. It is crucial for certified and licensed professionals to handle asbestos or any suspected asbestos-containing materials.

    If you suspect your home or business may contain asbestos, contact CPR24 Restoration and speak with an expert. We collaborate with an asbestos laboratory that is accredited by a third party. This accredited asbestos laboratory performs asbestos testing and produces and delivers accurate and high-quality results within two days. Asbestos can be recognized with a free visual check in many cases and under the correct circumstances, avoiding asbestos testing and saving you money.

    Asbestos Testing Process

    A free visual asbestos examination will be conducted by our professional asbestos inspector. We conduct an evaluation that follows industry norms and guidelines during the asbestos inspection. A sample of the suspected material will be carefully extracted and sealed in a bag by our asbestos expert. The sample is submitted to an accredited third-party laboratory, where asbestos testing professionals conduct an asbestos examination on the sample. We obtain the results in a thorough report of the suspected asbestos material within 24-48 hours, verifying:

    • if asbestos is present or not
    • the type of asbestos found
    • the concentration percentage of asbestos

    Given that the asbestos results are positive, we design a plan of action to remedy the situation as we receive the results. We have acquired all of the necessary information to construct the scope of work and estimate at this time. You will receive a full scope of work report outlining our findings and recommendations. The cost of asbestos testing is dependent on the number of asbestos samples necessary. Once we’ve been contacted, one of our asbestos experts will gladly provide an over-the-phone estimate for asbestos testing costs.

    Asbestos Removal Process 

    The first step in the asbestos removal procedure is to set up containment in order to avoid cross-contamination. Before, during, and after the asbestos removal process, we focus on keeping your family and home safe and protected. We provide these services in all the major Canadian cities, like North York, Richmond Hill, and Toronto.

    We encourage homes and business owners not to take an asbestos sample or buy an asbestos testing kit on their own. Professional asbestos testing services are required and advised to ensure that the correct sample is tested, that accurate and quality results are provided, and, most importantly, that asbestos is not disturbed or contaminated throughout your house or business. You are risking the lives of your loved ones if asbestos becomes airborne. Asbestos is extremely hazardous, and it has been connected to a variety of diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and cancer. We offer asbestos testing, inspection, and removal services across all the cities of GTA, including Toronto, North York, and Richmond Hill. Call us now at (416) 551-8287 and we will remove asbestos at your home.